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Player Contract Instructions

Below are instructions on how to properly fill-out the Diamond League Player Contract Registration.

PLEASE NOTE: If a Player is 18 yrs old he can fill-out and Electronically Sign the Player Contract.  All other Player Contracts Must be filled-out by a Parent / Guardian

If you already have a current SportNgin account not related to this website, for this registration your SportNgin account needs to be under the parent name, NOT the player's name. If you need to update your account to reflect this, please log-in with your current account, click-on your Username at the top of the page, and go to "Account Settings" to make this change. If you have filled-out a Diamond League or Ohio Prospects League Player Contract in the past select your sons "Name" when it asks you "Who Are You Registering" If you have NOT previously filled-out a Player Contract for your son Please remember you must select "A New Other" when you Log-In to the Form and then type-in your sons Name, then go to the next page to continue completing the form.

Instructions to create a NEW Sport Ngin account:  Go to the League Forms Page to the Player Contract, click-on Register. the Parent/Guardian or if you 18 yrs old you Must create a Username and Password to log-in to the form, once you log-in to the form you Must click in the circle where it says "A New Other" then you Must type-In your sons name NOT YOUR NAME or if you are 18 yrs of age type in your name >>> then continue on with completing the form>>> when you get to the CONSENT PAGE of the Form the PARENT/GUARDIAN OR 18 YR OLD Clicks-on the Box at the Bottom of the form where it says ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE then type in YOUR Name and then click-on SUBMIT.